#Todays3 15.8.17 North Korea

#Todays3 is our collection of material that we think should be highlighted and discussed more. Whether it is science, politics, history, religion or anything else for that matter. It might not always be current, but it is always relevant. We don’t endorse any of these articles and their sole purpose is to create debate.


This edition will focus on North Korea. While you may be bored of hearing the negative headlines about the “rogue state”, there some important issues that are not being addressed in the mainstream media. So, we turn to our friends in the alternative media to highlight the important topics.

-1) The wonderful Really Graceful talks about some of the motivations the Americans have for removing the current regime in North Korea, focusing particularly on the rich mineral resources largely untapped in the country;


-2) We Are Change looks at the build up to this point and how the real goal is toppling China and North Korea is just a domino in the way;


-3) Dr Noam Chomsky talks to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about the history of North Korea and how, as the previous link also alluded to, the situation could have been easily avoided if Presidents Trump and Obama agreed to a non-aggression pact offered by the Chinese. Go to the 30-minute mark for that;




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