#Todays3 22.8.17 Hickey, Monarchy, Addiction

#Todays3 is our collection of material that we think should be highlighted and discussed more. Whether it is science, politics, history, religion or anything else for that matter. It might not always be current, but it is always relevant. We don’t endorse any of these articles and their sole purpose is to create debate.


-1) Pat Hickey has been in the news again lately. Much of this focused on whether he would be attending an inquiry into the Olympic ticketing scandal and if he will return to the board of the Olympic Council of Ireland. Irish Independent looked at some of Pat Hickey’s background and the build up to the ticketing scandal last year;


-2) Is there a need for a monarchy in this day and age? Owen Jones asks the question over on LBC. While I’m not his biggest fan by any means and I don’t really understand why he starts the conversation off with tourism, the question is still relevant. In Britain, what would replace it?


-3) Addiction has long been a problem in our society. Maybe, we have to ask more fundamental questions of its nature rather than treating it solely as a criminal issue. Is it a case of disconnection?



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