China and India to go to War?

By Patrick Brogan

Befitting what is happening in the rest of Asia, tensions have been raised between India and China. Fist fights broke between soldiers representing both nations at the disputed Lake Pangong on Indian Independence Day, 15th August, as We Are Change reported. Lake Pangong is near Kashmir, which itself is disputed between India and Pakistan. This is on top of strain between the world’s two most populous countries over the Doklam Plateau, which borders China, India and Bhutan, which was covered in The Independent.

The Pacific theatre of war may be reopened as Japan is backing India’s claims. As we have previously reported, Taiwan is increasing its military capability with its gaze firmly fixed on China. The US has long backed Taiwan’s claims of independence from the one-China policy. As Afghanistan has highlighted, Central Asia is an important chess piece for global dominance with America and her allies on one side and China and Russia on the other. And then there is North Korea.

If the media is to be believed and China and India are preparing for war it could lead to a humanitarian disaster. Both countries have nuclear capabilities and have a combined population of 2.7 billion people. This could obviously stir up old resentment between India and Pakistan, too.

Normally it would be easy to dismiss such actions as both sides would see reason as war would be catastrophic. However, China and Russia feel under siege by the West. The situation in North Korea and Afghanistan will not help. Syria is a war zone and Iran could be next. While China and India are unlikely to go to war it does add to China’s under siege mentality and how long will this last before they feel the need to take action?

President Trump flirted with the idea of being an isolationist president, but the military industrial complex has gone into overdrive under his stewardship and very little of this has centred on the one group he said he would fight; ISIS. There are two main worries that these conflicts present to the rest of the world. Firstly, nearly every nation is allied to another, so if two independent nations go to war it will increase the likelihood of their allies joining in and thus creating a global conflict. The second one is most large military nations have long range nuclear weapons at their disposal. Troubling times.


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