Is Brazilian​ President a Puppet of the US?

By Patrick Brogan

Michel Temer came into power during a difficult time for Brazil with a huge amount of controversy surrounding the previous President Dilma Rousseff and Brazilian politics in general. Numerous investigations unearthed a culture of bribery and corruption in the Latin American country. Worryingly, Temer himself is not that far removed from the scandals that brought Rousseff down and there is evidence to suggest he is a stooge of US intelligence.

Operation Car Wash

The genesis of the current political crises goes back to Operation Car Wash. The simplified version of what that is goes something like this; in 2014, an investigation was opened up into Petrobras, the semi-state oil company. The directors of the company were skimming money off the top of deals that were done. The situation grew worse when it was alleged that the Workers’ Party used some of this money to pay politicians to vote in their favour.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was the President at the time. He was subsequently tried and found guilty on three of the five charges against him. He is facing a nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence pending appeal.

Dilma Rousseff

Rousseff obviously took over in difficult circumstances and this was compounded by the fact the economy was starting to suffer. She was eventually impeached, but it is important to point out the reason of this has little to do with Petrobras. She was accused and then impeached for moving funds between different government departments outside of budgets. This is illegal under Brazilian law. But, even at the time, there were rumours of political skullduggery and that Lula and Rousseff were the victims of a bloodless coup.


Brazil has a history of coups and we’ll get it into that one a bit later. This was different. It was a coup by stealth, or so its critics say and they add that the media played a large role. The Guardian published an article that said the media organisation Globo wanted Rousseff out and drummed up and incited protests that led to her ouster. The reason? The rich wanted her out. The protests were attended by wealthy, white people and they opposed the anti-poverty programmes the Workers’ Party introduced.

This is no endorsement of the Workers’ Party, nor Rousseff and Lula. They were clearly not too distant from the political corruption that was going. However, there are points that need to be addressed. Firstly, the Workers’ Party were hugely popular. They won four elections in-a-row and were in power since 2002. In that time, they lifted millions out of poverty. Lula was worshipped at home and highly praised abroad, also. Rousseff had been elected by over 50 million Brazilians just before her impeachment.

While on the outside this looks like a judicial matter clearing-up political corruption, if we scratch the surface the issue becomes obfuscated. The people that were pushing for all this are actually worse. Eduardo Cunho was the former house speaker that signed off on the impeachment proceedings. He is deeply implicated in bribes and was mentioned in the Panama Papers. He is currently going through legal proceedings himself. Indeed, these are some of the crimes the opposition are accused of; bribery, electoral fraud, illegal deforestation, kidnapping and homicide. Then we have the man that replaced Rousseff; Michel Temer.

Michel Temer

To start with, Temer actually signed off on a lot of the transfer of funds that got Rousseff impeached as he was the Vice-President. He is also accused of bribery as well. The Attorney General is investigating him in relation to a separate political scandal involving JBS, the meatpacking company. It seems bizarre that Brazil is left with a President that was heavily involved in the same process that got the previous one impeached and, even worse, may have taken bribes off of a company. Incredible. To replace her with someone potentially worse makes no sense. Is he getting help from somebody?


We know from information Wikileaks released that Temer is a US intelligence informant. He told them the situation that was going on in his country at that time and told them that he and his party effectively held the balance of power. This was classified as “sensitive” information and for “official use only”. The Russians had also come out and said that they suspected the Americans were behind what was happening in Brazil. None of this is as far-fetched as it sounds.

1964 Coup

We know that President Kennedy was leaning towards military intervention in Brazil in 1962. We also know that President Lyndon Johnson said they would provide arms, ammunition, gasoline and troops if needed through the Johnson library. The full involvement by the US has still not been fully disclosed by the White House. Certainly, there is enough here to suggest that there was some level of conspiracy by the US and natives that wanted to dispose of the then Government.

US Hegemony

We have seen this all across the world. If the Americans don’t like you, they’ll force you out one way or another. Iraq, Iran, Libya, Vietnam, Afghanistan and on and on and on. Rousseff herself suggested that Venezuela is next on that list. Where and does it end?


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