Schoolboy Executed by Police in the Philippines​

By Patrick Brogan

A boy aged 17 was murdered by police outside the Philippines’ capital. Witnesses say he was shot by plain clothes police and his body was then dumped by a pigsty. CCTV seems to confirm this version of events.

A Senate investigation is now taking place into the death of Kian Loyd delos Santos. This is significant because the Senate is dominated by President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies. The police say that they were shot at first.

Both his parents and the Public Attorney’s Office are filing murder charges against the police involved. Police officials said they did not want to rush to any hasty conclusions in the matter.

The opposition in the Philippines has long been fearful of where Duterte’s drug-war would end up and this will do nothing to quell these fears. In 14 months, the drug-war has already claimed thousands of lives in a country Duterte claims is a narco-state. However, many experts say the drug problem is no worse than international trends. He recently said police murdering drug dealers should be promoted and wouldn’t face disciplinary procedures.


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