#Todays3 3.9.17 Biometrics, Musk, Hajj

#Todays3 is our collection of material that we think should be highlighted and discussed more. Whether it is science, politics, history, religion or anything else for that matter. It might not always be current, but it is always relevant. We don’t endorse any of these articles and their sole purpose is to create debate.


-1) Wikileaks released information that suggests the CIA is taking biometric data from other intelligence agencies around the world;


-2) Elon Musk wants to stop autonomous killer robots. He and many others want the UN to act before it is too late;


-3) Over 95,000 people were turned away from the Hajj pilgrimage this year. It is interesting that Qatar made calls for the Holy Sites to be internationalised. The Saudis said this was a declaration of war;




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