Australia Takes Step Towards Same-Sex​ Marriage

By Patrick Brogan

Australia has taken a step towards legalising same-sex marriage. Australians all around the world were asked if they wanted gay marriages legalised. Over 15 million were asked to take part in the postal survey. They faced one simple question; Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry? One had to mark the yes or no box.

The results will be released on 15th November. However, the results are not legally binding, as this isn’t a referendum, nor a plebiscite. If a yes vote is returned, a private member’s bill will be introduced before parliament. Politicians will be allowed to vote with conscience rather than on political party lines.

Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is strongly in favour and promised a referendum during the 2016 General Election. Not all high profile politicians are in favour of a change in the law. Most notable of these is former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

He worries about the fabric of Australian society and has complained about the moral bullying regarding this campaign. An opinion piece he wrote about the referendum can be found here. It’s surprising that a high-profile politician from a party called the Liberal Party would be against this, but there you go.


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