Paedophile Cloud Still Hangs Over Ted Heath

By Patrick Brogan

The internet has been home to many blog posts about a paedophile ring amongst the “elite” of British society. This involved politicians, high ranking members of the police force and some even suggest the British Royal Family were involved. While it was easy to dismiss such claims, and many did, the stories did seem to contain an element of credibility. Then the Jimmy Savile story broke.

After this story broke, it came to light that many people knew of Savile’s crimes and did nothing about it. (Apart from John Lydon) How far did this go? Was it a cover-up? Were people scared and if so, of who? Looking at this objectively, having the people in charge of finding out such crimes on your side would certainly make it easier to get away with any prosecution. Suddenly the media, politicians and police forces were taking such allegations seriously.

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath was one of those people accused covering up and even partaking in the paedophilic activities and even in murder in some cases. Police in Wiltshire investigated the allegations made by 40 people. They found that seven of these, by five boys and two men, were very credible and would have led to Heath being questioned under caution if he were still alive. These allegations spanned over five decades.


In the mid-90s, a court case was discontinued to prevent the defendant claiming he provided Heath with young boys and a Wiltshire police officer feared his own organisation may have been involved in a cover-up of some of these crimes. The Independent Police Complaints Commission announced it was investigating police in Wiltshire in 2015. They are not the only police force in the UK involved in allegations against Heath. Four by some estimates and may be as high as seven.

Many of these politicians and celebrities used their high profile status to get access to vulnerable young children. Places like Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square, both in London, used contacts within the social services to get these children in and they were both used as a brothel. Another high ranking politician in the form of Leon Brittan was heavily implicated in partaking in this ring. He was cleared but this was due in large part to the historic nature of the crimes and the lack of forensic evidence. Elm and Dolphin Square are not the only two places implicated in the paedophile ring, indeed it seems to be nationwide and even involve actual children’s care homes themselves including Haut de la Garenne in Jersey and Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast.


Serious questions have to be asked of the social workers at this time, but it seems the political class set up a paedophiles’ paradise. We have seen this worldwide, not just in Britain. So why is this? James Corbett of The Corbett Report ran an open source investigation on this very subject and his findings were extremely interesting. An academic named Dr Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen contacted him and suggested this might be part of what he called the kakistocracy.

His comment was; “One of the reasons for the intimate association of the power elite with child abuse is that they might use it to maintain their, somewhat hidden, kakistocracy: government by the worst and most evil people: a highly capable brand of psychopaths if you like”. And why do they pick paedophilia? He suggests there is a number of reasons. Firstly, those abused are broken down and become slaves. Thus enabling a hierarchal society. It goes further than this. Iniates that are willing to abuse children show how far they are willing to go in the pursuit of power. This act also makes them blackmailable. It does sound a bit incredible, but does go some way to explaining this disturbing phenomenon. Check out the link and see what you think yourselves.


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