Chief Superintendent McGinn Under Fire at Tribunal

By Patrick Brogan

The early session of the Disclosures Tribunal raised more questions than answers in Dublin Castle today. This all focused on Garda practices when it comes to recording and distributing information, especially when it comes to Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn.

Mark Harty SC, representing Garda Keith Harrison, was nonplussed as to why McGinn didn’t take notes when conducting an investigation into Harrison and as to why elements of information were missing from her statement submitted to the tribunal. McGinn pointed to the fact that she disclosed all her emails to the tribunal.

Harty zoned in what McGinn knew and when. He asked her how much the Chief Superintendent knew about Harrison’s personal life and his relationship with Marisa Simms. Of this, she said she knew very little. When it was pointed out Harrison was denied a transfer on personal grounds in 2011 she said this related to extended family circumstances and not the intimacies of his relationship with Marisa Simms.

Harty was curious as to the nature of the PALF (Performance and Liasion Framework) meetings that took place surrounding Garda Harrison. McGinn said none of these meetings were solely about Harrison, he would have been discussed alongside other issues.

Harty kept coming back to information that was not disclosed to the tribunal and how information was recorded. Harty also pointed out that Garda Harrison was criticised for the notes he wrote and even the wording used. He did not go into who he was referring to. The tribunal was then adjourned by Justice Charleton.


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