Democrats Don’t Stand a Chance with Clintons Around

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By Patrick Brogan

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, one of the definitions of a democracy is “the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges”. This is one of the bedrocks of American society, or at least it was supposed to be. People had to go out and earn what they wanted rather than it being handed to them. The American Dream.

American politics has moved away from this. Now, a name is good enough to get you the top jobs. We had two Bush Presidents. Barack Obama is not long out of office and already the rumour mill is suggesting his wife will run for the Democrats next time around and has a good chance of winning it. But it is that other family that is the real power broker in the Democrat Party; the Clintons.

Bill Clinton, famously a two-term President that faced impeachment down the end of a barrel, and his wife Hillary who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. While the media continues to build her up as the answer to America’s woes, they are ignoring the serious questions that still remain about the former Democratic candidate. Just watch this interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show;


While Noah repeatedly mocks Donald Trump, which he is right to do, he fist pumps Hillary Clinton like they’re bffs. In this interview, he allows her to throw out the old Russian hack line without challenging her. She uses the word evidence. There isn’t any. This has long been debunked and we covered this back in August. That along with the fact Douglas Murray said he received a usb stick with the leaks in Washington off a DNC staffer. He then questions her team’s own methods of digging up dirt. There is one notable difference; what information was obtained.

The Russian hack is a convenient cover story for what really happened. The Clinton team rigged the DNC election, it’s as clear as that. Democratic in name only. Until Democratic supporters come to terms with this they won’t get anywhere. The party needs a complete reboot. This needs to start with a cull at the top. It must also be factored in they lost the election because of Hillary Clinton’s own reputation. 

Russia Connection

The Clintons have their own links to the Russians. The Clinton Foundation facilitated Russia getting their hands on American uranium. Indeed, there are a number of questions regarding the Clintons and money that should worry normal Americans.


The Clintons don’t appreciate the democratic process. As long as they are associated with the Democrats, they don’t stand a chance. And this is no endorsement of the current President. I have criticised him many times in the past. Read here and here for more. Both are an example of what is wrong with American society. American politics has become the play thing of the rich and powerful and it is to the detriment of the ordinary American.


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