Fitzgerald the Next to Fall Over McCabe?

By Patrick Brogan

Reports today are suggesting that Leo Varadkar is meeting with former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald over what she knew and when about an alleged smear campaign against Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe.

She had previously claimed that she only knew of this when it became public knowledge in February of this year, but she contradicted this by saying she known about it in May of 2015. This has been a reoccurring theme through this entire saga; who knew what and when. Anybody who attended the Disclosures Tribunal would have witnessed this. This is important because it would indicate if it was a genuine mistake or whether it was a concerted attempt to blacken the name of Maurice McCabe.

Judge Peter Charleton has still to finish his report but the impression he gave was he was leaning towards human error rather than a conspiracy. There are a huge number of ‘coincidences’ that may influence his thoughts. His report could have wide ranging implications for a number of bodies. The Gardaí will without doubt be recommended to reform along with HSE services like Tusla. The biggest impact might just be on the world of politics, possibly even triggering a General Election.


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