Disney to Consolidate Media Share

By Patrick Brogan


Disney may be taking over a large amount of 21st Century Fox as Comcast Corp appears to have giving up the ghost. The deal could be finalised as early as next month.

The move will strengthen Disney‘s position in the international market as they will take control of Fox‘s Latin American markets, Star in India, the European Sky group along with 20th Century Fox studios. The Murdoch family will still have control over Fox News, Fox Sports and Fox 21 Television.

The merger is an unexpected one as it was believed Rupert Murdoch would hand over control of a media empire he has spent most of his life building to his sons James and Lachlan. However, this could be the Murdoch family stepping back into the shadows as FANGs, Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google, are the new media powers and the Murdochs have traditionally found competing against these very difficult.

This move will worry many media analysts and commentators as it will increase Disney‘s already massive media share. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently relaxed its laws on media ownership. This, in a country where five, and soon to be four, corporations controls 90% of the media. Is this what Trump promised when he said he would drain the swamp?


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