The Navigator Podcast Episode 23 – The Environment, Iran & Brexit II


It’s a new year, so Nigel Farage has a new crusade – A British referendum on EU membership. Before we deal with that, Iran is rocked by a new wave of protests that could change the balance of power in the world’s most unstable region (and allows our panel to coin the term “Persian Spring”), and as Ireland falls further behind its EU27 allies in the fight against climate change, we ask – Was the Paris Accord worth it?

Also, we talk about Donald Trump. Because we’re journalists and it’s 2018.

Episode 22 of The Navigator Podcast brought to you by Patrick Brogan, Thomas Telford and Jordan Byrne, with Producers Matt Ellison and Simon Casey.


Some Further Reading


On Climate Change:

Trump’s speech on Paris Climate Accord;
Greenhouses gases produced by each nation;
Greenhouse per capita
Trump pulls out;
The US on its own;
Is Ireland doing enough?
Citizen’s Assembly suggestions on environment;
On the Iranian Protests:
On Brexit II:

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