Is Soros Donating to Pro-EU Groups a Problem?

By Patrick Brogan


Billionaire businessman George Soros is one of the leading contributors to pro-EU groups in the United Kingdom. His Open Society Foundation has spent large sums of money on promoting and supporting groups that follow Soros’ own political views. Indeed, he has transferred billions from his own wealth stash to fund the likes of the Clintons, the Democratic Party and now pro-EU groups.

He said he was funding Best for Britain to counteract a smear campaign against him. So far, he has spent at least £500,000 on fighting Brexit. Soros said leaving the EU will weaken Britain and leave it out in the cold. Has Soros always felt so strongly about Britain’s best interests? Apparently not because he made his money betting against the Pound in the currency markets. This, in part, led to Black Wednesday in 1992. The British economy faltered for a period after this.

Given that he contributes to many Left-wing causes, he is often the subject of criticism, and outright paranoia, from Conservative groups in the US and beyond. A lot of this focuses on his past and the erroneous allegation has been made that he was a former SS officer. He wasn’t old enough to join as he was still a teen when the war ended and he was of Jewish origin. While this criticism is over the top and even anti-semitic in some cases, there is enough cause for concern without having to make up stories.

He pretended to be a Christian to escape detention by the Nazis and even helped confiscate land from other members of the Jewish community. While it can be argued he was doing what he could to stay alive, it came at others’ expense and as he pointed out in an interview with 60 Minutes, he wasn’t ashamed of his actions and felt no remorse or guilt as he said somebody else would have done it.

This short clip shows the complexities and ruthlessness of the man;


While his money has done some good around the world, the way he got it is reason enough to be dubious about his motives. More often than not, he has shown he doesn’t really care about people and is trying to recreate the world in his image. What he gains from Britain staying in the EU goes past the UK remaining in the common market and Britain living within ideals Soros believes in. This hawk must be watched at all costs.

Pic from Wikicommons and is by Jeff Ooi.


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