Netanyahu Under Fire

By Patrick Brogan


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been under fire with ongoing investigations into fraud and bribery. Now, one of Netanyahu’s inner-circle is believed to testify against the longstanding Israeli PM.

Sholmo Filber was arrested as part of these investigations and may turn against his old boss. He was the former Director General of the Communication Ministry and is a confidant of Netanyahu. Up to now, nobody close enough to do damage to the PM has jumped ship.

This has been described as a killer blow to head of the Likud Party and many believe he will call a snap election to stall the process. He previously stated that he was planning to run again in late 2019.

Many allegations of bribery have been made against Netanyahu and his wife Sara. Filber was arrested as part of the inquiry into Bezeq Telecom and if they gave Netanyahu favourable coverage in return for restricting legislation effecting the company.  Last year, we described how there were street protests in Israel after Likud tried bringing in legislation that would effectively stop an investigation into these bribery and corruption cases, including the one into if Yedioth Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper, gave ‘Bibi’ positive coverage and in return he would make life difficult for their rival papers.


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