Attack In Politically Unstable Burkino Faso

By Patrick Brogan


Reports are surfacing of a suspected terrorist attack in Burkina Faso. Witnesses said there was a large explosion, followed by some smaller ones, and then gunmen attacked the army headquarters and French embassy in the capital. Government sources say four assailants have been “neutralised”.

This comes a day after a military trial into an attempted coup in 2015, in which 14 people died and 250 were injured, was suspended. 84 individuals stood on trial in the Ouagadougou court.

Forces loyal to the previous leader, Blaise Compaore, carried out the failed coup in 2015. They were stopped by street protests loyal to the current Government. Compaore was ousted in 2014 in the Burkinabé Uprising. He had led the county for 27 years after he ousted a radical Left-wing group from power.

The former French colony is part of the Sahel region which is unstable and prone to Islamist attacks and Burkina Faso itself is estimated to be 60.5% Muslim. We have covered US involvement in the Sahel region previously. The landlocked country is rich in gold reserves. No doubt we will hear of more attacks in this region of the world.


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