Are the Bush Family Complicit in the Holocaust?

By Patrick Brogan


The internet is full of conspiracy theories. Where do they stem from? Well, like most good stories, the best conspiracy theories contain an element of truth. However, the one suggesting the Bush family funding Hitler and then the Holocaust is closer to the truth than many are willing to admit.

Some articles denigrate the online stories then go to prove most of what they claim, like this article from The Guardian. The reality of the story goes like this; Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush worked in the banking industry for a company called Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). The Harriman part of this is Averell Harriman, the son of railroad tycoon E.H Harriman. The elder Harriman set-up a railroad monopoly that would be illegal by today’s standards and was in league with the Rockefellers and Morgans of this world. Averell was an influential member of the Democrat Party from the time of FDR to Lyndon Johnson, particularly when it came to Vietnam.

Averell Harriman had a friend named George Herbert Walker who was also involved in banking. Walker had a daughter named Doherty who married Prescott Bush, hence his son and grandson having a variant of this name. Prescott and Harriman helped set-up the Union Banking Corporation (UBC). The significance of UBC in German and American history cannot be understated.

So, what was this? The UBC acted as a financial base in the US for Fritz Thyssen. This was legal, until the Americans entered the war and it then came under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The UBC and Brown Brothers Harriman were both seized by the American Government. Interestingly, both were handed back to American bankers when the war ended. More details on this can be found in the Library of Congress archives in Washington and National Archives at the University of Maryland.



Why was it Seized and Who is Fritz Thyssen?


Thyssen is an interesting, if not very likeable character. He came from a rich industrial family in Germany. His father learnt an import lesson after the First World War and that was to keep your assets off-shore. That’s why the UBC was set-up, so Fritz Thyssen could access his money and leave it in a safe haven. As industrialists, the Thyssen clan were not too keen on the Treaty of Versailles and even less so when France and Belgium came spilling over the border to seize the means of production.

This is where the Thyssen story gets dark and at times hard to verify. When Adolf Hitler claimed he would dismantle the Treaty of Versailles, obviously an industrialist in the Ruhr like Thyssen would find this very appealing. Thyssen decided to finance the Nazi Party. This paid for him in a literal sense as Thyssen grew rich by helping Hitler’s rearmament projects. Thyssen would later claim that he funded the Nazi Party so he could keep them in his hands. He clearly he didn’t know with whom he was dealing because he later had a falling out with Hitler and ended up in prison.


Complex Web


There was a complex web of industrial and financial relations between Nazi Germany and the US leading up to the war. In fact, it is well known that many US companies, from Ford to General Motors, had business relations and profited handsomely from the Third Reich. But, did they actually know what was going on during this period? When the US Government seized UBC they were bewildered as to who actually owned the company. Bush and Harriman pleaded ignorance. Bank voor Handel in the Netherlands owned shares in UBC, but nobody seemed to know who owned voor Handel, although it has been suggested that this was another Thyssen financial base. However, this ignorance of the situation is contradicted by a letter from a partner of BBH to Harriman in which he states that John Foster Dulles, brother of Allen Dulles, would investigate what was happening in Germany, particularly with Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC).

A man named Fredrich Flick owned two-thirds of CSSC. He also was a business partner of Fritz Thyssen, as well as funding the Schutzstaffel and Sturmabteilung in the early years with him, and his business dealings with Harriman was overlooked by Prescott Bush in the US. Flick is the key to understanding if Bush, Harriman and Walker knew what was going in Germany, and Poland– more importantly–, during the war. We are told that the world only knew of the concentration camps after Nazi Germany was defeated, but this seems like a huge secret to keep. Fredrick Frick was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg and used slave labour for his companies like CSSC. As already stated, he was a business partner of Fritz, and not just that, he was a Nazi financial backer. Both men had dealings with BBH and Dulles was also supposed to investigate what was going in CSSC. It seems inconceivable to me that they did not know what was going on. More details on this can be found here and here.

Kurt Julius Goldstein and Peter Gingold both brought a case against the US for its involvement in the creation of the concentration camps. Both were survivors of Auschwitz and Goldstein was forced into labour for CSSC. He has an incredibly interesting story in his own right. They argued the US was well aware of what was going in these camps and should have bombed them. Because the US cannot be sued, the case was thrown out.



What of the Bush Family?


The Bush family, even before this, hadn’t a squeaky clean image. Prescott’s father, Samuel, had long established links to the Rockefellers and Harrimans. He also served on the War Industries Board as Chief of Ordinance for Small Arms and Ammunition, making a tidy profit off of war. It must run in the genes. And his father, Reverend James Smith Bush was a Yale man. So, these connections go back a long way in the Bush family. Something even more sinister is hidden in the Walker side of the family. Thomas Walker, a direct descendant, was a notorious slave trader in the 18th century and, indeed, the family continued to own slaves for a long time after.

To sum up, Prescott Bush and BBH were a money front for those financing the Nazi Party. Prescott also made a tidy profit from his business dealings with Thyssen and Flick, men that made money from slave labour, much like Prescott’s wife’s family had done in centuries past. This cash was then used to create a political dynasty that has produced two Presidents so far. There is ample evidence to show BBH knew what was going on, or at the very least should have. Did they share the Nazi ideology? It is hard to give a definite answer on this, but they probably didn’t. This seems more like a case of them worshipping G.O.D. (Gold, Oil and Dollar) and where ever it was. For example, roughly a few years after BBH set-up their European headquarters in Weimar Germany they had started mining manganese in the Soviet Union. They didn’t really care about the ideology of the country they were dealing with as long as they could practice their own; make money at all costs.

Looking at how the Bush family has operated since then, it is hard to argue they don’t still practice this. The war in Iraq was started over information that was deliberately false and was actually created by the powers that be in the Bush administration. How horrific is that? When we look back to the horrors of WWII and the death and destruction of millions of lives, for most people, what really sticks out is the attempted eradication of Jewish, Gypsy, Slavic and infirmed people because they were just that, because they were born into a certain ethnicity or category..

The reason we are told why the US and Britain fought the Nazis was that they wanted a world where people could be free of such judgements, yet, the people that financed this slaughter not only got away with it, but used the money they made to put their family in the White House. No wonder the world is fucked up.


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  1. If you read my research that you’ve linked to, you’ll find that US companies *didn’t* profit off of their business in Nazi Germany, which makes their complicity all the more puzzling. Due to strict German policies, foreign corporations in Germany couldn’t repatriate profits. Companies like Ford tried, but failed.

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