Pressure Continues on Maduro

By Patrick Brogan


Pressure continues on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as the US President backed a new raft of sanctions on Maduro, his wife and a number of other officials from the South American nation.

Outward tensions have been rising between the two nations going back to Hugo Chávez’ time in power, but have gotten worse since Trump took office. The US Commander-in-Chief said he would meet with Maduro but only after democracy was restored in Venezuela. Maduro has increasingly tried to limit the power of the opposition, with many ending up in prison cells.

However, Maduro has accused the US of leading an economic war against him and that the US has a history of colonialism in the region. Protests have been widespread with Maduro claiming there have been attempted coups and assassinations.

The beleaguered nation has seen inflation rates of 200,000%. Not so long ago this was a rich nation with a strong record of providing social services. This all changed when the price of oil collapsed and brought the economy of Venezuela with it.


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