The Companies Profiting From Death

By Patrick Brogan


For most people, the thoughts of companies making billions off of the deaths of innocent people are detestable. Yet, the US and indeed other governments are promoting just that.

An organisation named Code Pink produced a report which shows five companies are making billions from the endless wars the US is embarking on. They are Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. Some of their biggest customers are Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The amount of money the US spends on its military has risen under Trump, but this is just continuing a trend that has emerged under recent Presidents as they unjustly invade countries (Iraq) and engage in pointless wars (Afghanistan). Many observers have noted the military-industrial complex really runs the US and they include President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and L. Fletcher Prouty.

These companies have made billions from just the US alone. On many occasions, they have bankrolled Presidential candidates and won massive contracts when these people get elected to office. Then these corporations help commit atrocities like the one mentioned in the video below in which 40 Saudi schoolchildren died when their bus was attacked with a Lockheed Martin missile.


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