‘Campaign of Calumny’ a Lesser Issue Than Gardaí Selling Drugs

By Patrick Brogan


The Charleton Inquiry has dominated the news headlines since the report’s publication. The Disclosures Tribunal concluded that Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe had acted out of a deep sense of loyalty to the Irish people and he was a man of honour. The report also stated that former Commissioner Martin Callinan and the Garda Press Officer Supt Dave Taylor had conducted a campaign to sully the name of McCabe by spreading the most appalling rumours centring on child sexual abuse.

While this is horrendous in itself, other elements within the police force are having a worse impact on society. Are members of the Gardaí selling and facilitating the drugs trade? Evidence would suggest they are. In August of this year, a Garda based on the Southside of Dublin was arrested and suspended over alleged drug dealing.

Just over a week ago, another Garda was suspended over falsifying insurance certs for a criminal gang. He did this in exchange for cocaine. He had developed a drug and alcohol problem and was also believed to be blackmailed over a relationship he had with one of the gang’s female members. The gang in question are said to be the Rathkeale Rovers, an international criminal gang made up mainly of Travellers that are involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, organised robbery and the illegal ivory trade.

Probably the worst of these claims are those made, repeatedly, by TD Mick Wallace in the Dáil. Based on what happened another Garda whistleblower, Nicky Keogh, Wallace said that Gardaí are heavily involved with the drug trade in Athlone and the surrounding areas. All of this is being covered up and protected by senior Gardaí, including former Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan.


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