Time Ireland Followed NZ’s Example of Paid Leave to Those Suffering Domestic Violence

By Patrick Brogan


Last year, the New Zealand parliament brought in legislation which offered paid leave to those that were suffering from domestic violence. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the developed world and part of the reason this law was created was to urge society as a whole to tackle the issue. The country joined the Philippines in bringing in such laws.

Those looking to use the legislation will not have to provide evidence for the 10 days leave. The politicians that drafted the bill feel this is massively important as the abuse usually continues in work with stalking and harassment and the abuser often tries to get their partner sacked, thus making them more dependent.

In Ireland, we have great difficulty with official statistics and how they are recorded but figures suggest they are on the rise. This is a major part of the problem as it is difficult to solve when we aren’t fully aware of what the real situation is and what’s behind it. In the last number of years, Irish society has made some big strides in civil and equal rights, but this is one of those issues that repeatedly slips under the radar. Time for that to change.


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