Israeli Firm to Monitor European Coast

By Patrick Brogan


Elbit Systems, an Israeli tech firm that specialises in defense, has won a contract worth €59 million to monitor most Europe’s coastline. Elbit will lease their Hermes 900 Maritime Patrol System to monitor the coast and surrounding seas of much of Europe for suspicious activity and potential threats. The contract is for two years with the potential for a further two-year extension.

This is continuing a trend of Israeli companies winning important military and intelligence contracts globally including the management of India’s missile defense system worth €680 million. One would have to question the wisdom of giving such sensitive information over to foreign companies, especially those so closely liked to the IDF. Indeed, a private Israeli intelligence firm called Black Cube is alleged to have intimidated women who came forward to make accusations of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein.

In other Middle Eastern news, Danish intelligence foiled a plot by Iran to assassinate a political dissident living in Denmark. The dissident, under the alias name of Habib Tabor, is believed to be a member of a group that wants autonomy for for Khuzestan, an ethnic Arab, oil-rich province in Iran. Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has called back the country’s ambassador to Iran.


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