Market Report 11/4/2019

By Karl Weinmann

This Monday February 11th  09:30 British National Statistics figures for Industrial Production measurements of UK factories and mine outputs (year on year and month on month for December) and the total amount of capital expenditures made by private firms, the Total Business Investment (year on year for Q4) will influence price volatility outcomes throughout the week expected at this release time .

Also, British National Statistics are released showing values for all goods and services produced in the UK.

Also, then – the Gross Domestic Production (month on month for December) a measure of the total value of all goods and services in figures are also then released. 

Then an Index of Services and the ‘Total Trade Balance is released on Monday at 09:30 02/11; This category of Britain’s national statistics are considered to have less impact on business though!

 The Bank of England cut the UK’s Growth forecast in 2019 on Thursday 07/02 to 1.2% the lowest since the Financial Crises 2008 -2010

Amazon share holders will be interested to find out if and what? – knock on effects there are to shock holders if exposed to any price volatility in the wake following last week’s media storm brewing up on the American news – involving Jeff Bezos.

 News about – ‘Amazons Boss man’ and David Pecker ‘National Enquirer publishing tycoon and Trump confidant.

Political analysists have reported that Donald Trump has expressed a growing ‘bone of contention’ to pick with the Amazon Business inventor and boss man (or ‘Boso’ Quote Trump [2019].) “ I think not,” But.

2018 Irish new car sales figures fell by 4.4%. The UK’s new car sales figures were down 5.5% Japanese based Nissan stopped plans to build X-Trail 4×4’s at their UK plant on Monday the 4th of February.  BMW, Honda and Toyota in the UK are preparing for changes caused by the Brexit, and Ford UK announced 400 job cuts in their UK factories. Brexit may be the prime suspect for these bumps in the road but the real cause for such changes are sales figures.  New car sales for these manufactures have fallen annually.

Wednesday British National Statistics release PPI, Producer Price Index – Input figures for January Year on Year and Month on Month and CPI(Consumer Price Index) figures Month on Month from January. Later, Wednesday USD CPI figures are released at 13:00 including EX Food & Energy, for January Month on Month and Year on Year’s figures!

On Thursday 02/14 The National Bureau Statistics of China will release Export and Import reports.

Spanish National Institute of Statistics release Euro CPI and PPI month on month and year on year figures early arly at 08:00 On Friday. Venezuela an Oil and Mineral rich country hit critical high levels of annual inflation reaching above 80,000%; evidence of an economic collapse. UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain , France, Sweden and Netherlands have Recognised Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela. This came days after the US president trump also Recognised Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela.

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